Quality, not quantity

We don’t pretend we don’t know about the reputation of the recruitment industry. We’ve all experienced recruitment from the other side of the table and we know how hard it can be. Do they really understand your business, your design tools, your product or your company culture? The answer's often ‘no’.

Our approach is slightly different. We don’t employ recruitment specialists with no knowledge of the field. We only recruit engineers or designers with good CAD industry experience. Our clients find it refreshing to know that we understand how their products are designed and manufactured. This knowledge becomes invaluable when it comes to finding the perfect candidate.

We also believe in quality, not quantity. This is why our screening process is such an important part of our candidate search. We don’t expect you to wade through 20-30 CV’s, that’s our job. We’ll find the best suited candidates, use our know-how to assess their skill levels, interview them, decide who would best fit your team and then only when we’re 100% sure we’ve found a great candidate will we pass on the details.

So we won’t be sending you a ‘bin full’ of CV’s to wade through just because they contain some industry ‘buzz’ words. We will only pass on details of the best candidate that suit your role.

Our final message for anyone considering using our service is that we will treat you as we would like to be treated – in a friendly professional manner.

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